[antennaware] WARC Band Beam Choice

Gary Breed gary@noblepub.com
Thu, 25 Jun 1998 17:15:51 -0400


For what it's worth...

Feedback from close friends on DXpeditions that used the Cushcraft A-3WS
was very good.  Based on the design, I would expect the HyGain beam to be 

I have no experience with the Force 12.

I have used rotatable aluminum dipoles on these bands at good heights 
(55-75 feet) and am very pleased with their performance.  If you want, I can
provide design information for a dual-band dipole (single feedline).

Gary Breed

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Subject: 	[antennaware] WARC Band Beam Choice


Need opinions on WARC Band Beam Antennas:

1.	Cushcraft beam with traps $300+

2.	Force 12 7 ele 12/17 $500+

3.	High Gain 12/17 $300+

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