[antennaware] RP question

Kenneth Earl Harker kharker@cs.utexas.edu
Thu, 7 May 1998 14:31:25 -0500 (CDT)

   In NEC2, it seems that the presence of a GN card in the input file 
will cause NEC not to compute output (RP) for theta > 90.0 regardless 
of how the RP card is specified.  This is turning out to be very 
annoying for my visualization project.

   Is this, in fact, a feature and not a bug?  I have a .nec file with the 
following card in it:

GN  1   0   0    0  0.00E+00  0.00E+00  0.00E+00  0.00E+00 0.00E+00  0.00E+00

   Is there any way I can have NEC compute pattern, with the ground 
factored in, and still get a full 360 degree pattern in both theta and 
phi?  Or at least 360 degrees in one and 180 degrees in the other?

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