[antennaware] Q: Extended Double Zepp with tuner and open wir e feeders

Eric Gustafson n7cl@mmsi.com
Wed, 4 Nov 1998 19:35:17 -0700

Hi Pat,

There is a voltage loop a the ends of the antenna whether it is
resonant or not.  The thing that creates the voltage loop at the
end is the fact that the wire stops there.  There is no place for
the charge to continue to travel to past the end of the
conductor.  So it is forced to accumulate there.  Another way to
say this is that the current must go to zero there.

73, Eric  N7CL

BTW, I would also like to offer many thanks to LB for a great web

>From: "Wintheiser, Patrick" <Patrick.Wintheiser@PSS.Boeing.com>
>Date: Wed, 4 Nov 1998 07:58:05 -0800 
>Thanks LB for continuing to educate me.  By the way, I just love
>your '12 ways to love your feeders' on your Web page.  I have
>studied that very closely.

>I spent a few hours in the antenna handbook last nite and
>extracted a gem that I'll remember in the future.  "There is
>always a voltage loop at the end of a resonant antenna". P26.2 .
>In my original question, I forgot to think about the ends of the
>antenna.  In essence, I was resonant on the 80 m band no matter
>what the feed length.

>Now, on a non-resonant antenna, does a tuner create a voltage
>loop at the end of the antenna(Assuming the reactance is
>cancelled) ?.
>Pat W0OPW
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