[antennaware] Q: Extended Double Zepp with tuner and open wir e feeders

Edward W. Sleight k4sb@mindspring.com
Thu, 12 Nov 1998 12:48:27 +0000

Pat, you started out on the right road, but somehow ran off into the

First of all, resonance is indeed defined as that point where the
antenna presents a pure resistance with no reactance. Now read that
statement again. It has nothing to do whatever with feedlines. Now you
may indeed find a point of apparent low SWR by varying your feedline
length but that has nothing to do with resonance. The antenna is still
as it was. Now, since this is sorta new, use this as a reason to stop
worshiping the SWR god. Unfortunately, these new solid state rigs are
the culprit when it comes to requiring a load < 2:1, or thereabouts.

Another point to remember. Any length of wire, at any height above
ground has a point of resonance. That may be anywhere from say 10 ohms
to several thousand ohms, but the fact is the antenna is resonant

I would guess that old saying would apply that if you are happy with
the results, fine.

Keep on trying...



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