[antennaware] NEC-2 help with Hygain 105CA model

L. B. Cebik cebik@utkux.utcc.utk.edu
Thu, 1 Oct 1998 06:47:54 -0400 (EDT)


Raw NEC-2 will give erroneous answers for any linear element using taped

The Leeson equations for calculating substitute elements of a single
diameter do not just change the element diameter to an average figure, but
as well calculate a length.  The actual diameter that emerges from the
equations, as well as the length are functions of calculating an
equivalent element impedance--hence, there is no easy way to try to
stumble on to the correct substitute values except by going through the

The equations, which are similar to but possibly not identical to the ones
developed by Beezley for his programs, are inherent in EZNEC and the
substitute elements can be seen on screen with the right command key.

I do not believe that other programs yet incorporate the Leeson equations,
although a Nittany-Scientific product (due about the first of the year)
will have them on board.  Otherwise, one can precaluate the equivalent
elements using the equations in Leeson's book The Physical Design of Yagi
Antennas, from ARRL.

MININEC programs like AO, NEC4WIN, and ELNEC do not require tapered
diameter corrections and hence give accurate results from direct modeling
of the tapered diameter elements.  Use pklenty of segments and strive to
keep the segment lengths equal from one element section to the next.

Hope this is useful.



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