[antennaware] Thanks - Feeding cable lenght

Stefan Samu isamu@netsoft.ro
Wed, 04 Aug 1999 07:05:10 +0300

Hi again to all,

It seemed that my question regarding the feeding cable of a 7 MHz INV
"V" antenna created a huge influx of information. I would like to thank
to Lyn, Mike, Mauri, Ed, Serge, Erik for the nice and interesting
comments. They were very useful but I need time to digest them. I am
a novice in theory but I describe how I performed in practice.

I only can tell that I have always tuned my antennas with 1/2 wavelength
cables. I first tuned the cable and then tuned the antenna. This way I
could get a 1:1 SWR inside the band or wherever I wanted. For this
purpose I used a noise generator and at last I checked with SWR for
confirmation. This time for 7 MHz INV "V" I use a different coaxial
cable (better) and I encounter difficulties to tune the cable. Maybe
the velocity is very different and the lenght I computed of formulas
is not correct.

Thank you again for your useful help.

Stefan, YO6OBH

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