[antennaware] ? Koax-Switch by SAGE Lab. ????

Gary Breed gary@noblepub.com
Mon, 4 Jan 1999 10:24:26 -0500


They don't have detailed specs on theSage website, but here
is their contact info --

e-mail    info@sagelabs.com

Web     www.sagelabs.com

Good luck!

Gary Breed, K9AY

>Hello everybody,
>a few months ago I got a remote-controlled koax switch which was
>manufactured by SAGE Laboratories, Natick, Massachusetts. There's one
>N-plug IN and six N-plugs OUT. 
>Modell-Nr. is: SAN660H-20
>Type: 1P6T
>Drive Voltage: 115 VAC
>Who does know anything about this switch?
>Thanks for answers.
>Vy 73s de Chris, DL1MGB

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