[antennaware] Re: Radiotron Designer's Handbook (4th Edition)

L. B. Cebik cebik@utkux.utcc.utk.edu
Thu, 21 Jan 1999 07:11:35 -0500 (EST)

I have been inundated with questions about RDH-4, as well as many helpful
comments.  Here is a compendium of comments received concerning th merits
of the book and source(s).  (front and end matter removed for max brevity)

Radiotron Designer's Handbook (4th Edition) is available on CDROM from
Audio Amateur Publications, Peterborough, NH (603) 924-6371. Nice job, in
pdf format and cross-indexed. I've a copy and find it quite useful. Not as
"comfortable" for casual perusing, but excellant for reference purposes.

73, Steve - N1SR

I picked up a CD copy of the Handbook at the Atlanta, GA store on the
closeout table for half price. I don't have it with me so I can't confirm
the verison number but I'm fairly sure it's the same.  I think there is one
more there as of this week. I would call the Atlanta, GA number and see if
someone in the store would check for you. If they won't I'll be glad to stop
by and buy it and ship it to you if necessary.

Sam Billingsley   AE4GX   Atlanta, GA

[Note:  Sam was the source of my concern that the CDROM might be going
west.  However, it appears from other notes that the close-out may have
been only at the one store and perhaps with ionly 1 close-out copy left.]

I agree with you on the utility of the RDH.  I had a well-used one until
about a year ago.  One of the engineers I used to work with when I retired
wanted it in the worst way.  I sold it to him for $50.  He is a Hi Fi using
tubes enthusiast and, as you know, there's lots of good old audio stuff in
that book too.

72/73, Chuck, W5USJ, Point, TX  EM22cv -- ARCI #5422  QRP-L #1306

The RDH4 is (supposedly) now available in print in a 2-volume set. Try:


It's $95 + s/h from Vacuum Tube Audio in the UK. I'm sure somebody like
Antique Electronics has it stateside.

73 de nb1i

	I recently acquired a copy of the British printing of Radiotron.
Printed by Iliffe & Sons, the title is "The Radio Designer's Handbook".
Still the same book.  Mine has a dust jacket.  I also have a copy of the
British version of the third edition.

From: Chris Trask <ctrask@primenet.com>

L.B., an outstanding feature of the Radiotron Designers' Handbook is its
index.  It is postively the best index I have ever seen; if it's not in
the index, it's not in the book.

73, Bob W6NBI

Do a search at the following address...I found one 4th edition...a bit

73, Dave, K1FK
Fort Kent, ME



I also checked www.bookfinder.com and www.abebooks.com.  They all produce
slightly different lists due to different connections and differences in
how they read the material as formatted by various sellers.  For example,
the editor is Langford-Smith, and some give the full last name while other
use Smith, letter Langford by a first name.  Some searchers read edition
numbers separately; other read them as part of the title.  The seller
listings may or may not include the edition # in the title (they put that
info in notes).  So use multiple searches at each site with variations so
you get a complete picture.

The most reasonable way to swap some books of note, like RDH and Terman's
REH (1943, printed at least through the 1950s), is for folks to ask the
list(s) and if someone has a copy they are willing to let go of
reasonably, let the swap be made.  Booksellers in general have marked
titles like these way up in most (but not absolutely all) cases.  Check
the searches before you ask so that you have an idea of market value and
do not insult someone who asks you to name a price.  But sellers might
also consider not charging what the commercial market will bear.
Somewhere there is a middle ground--and as always, once an inquiry is
made, you may conduct further communication off list/direct.

I hope the information is useful to those in whom I awoke an urge to have
one more excellent reference.

I regret that I do not have an instant source of Terman's REH, but perhaps
one day a CDROM of it will come along.  Or a reprint.



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