[antennaware] 160M antenna!

Clive Hollins Clive Hollins" <gfv91@dial.pipex.com
Sun, 9 May 1999 18:58:12 +0100

Another thing you can do is build a folded dipole on 160.  The Z for one of
these would be 300 Ohms in free space but near the ground the Z drops
significantly.  A Friend of mine built one over a quarry near his back yard,
and fed it with the usual balun and coax.  He got a very good match on 160
and used it for years like that.  If I remember correctly, the quarry was
about 7 metres deep and he used 3 metre poles at each end to support the
ends of the antenna.  To get a good match he simply raised  or lowered the
antenna until he got it right.

72 de G8BOU/VE3CHH

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