[antennaware] NEC2 output

Arie.Voors@ict.nl Arie.Voors@ict.nl
Thu, 30 Sep 1999 14:43:31 +0200

For a couple of weeks or so I am working with the NEC2 modelling software.
It's all working well, but I don't completely understand the output for the
RP card.

I can step through the PHI ant THETA angles, and for any given pair of
angles I would
expect that there could be one value for gain and one value for the
magnitude of the field strength.

I am interested in the horizontal gain and pattern for different theta
angles and
the vertical gain and pattern for different phi angles.
In the output, vertical, horizontal and total gain are printed. What's the
difference between them.

Also magnitude for E(phi) and E(theta) are printed. In some cases all the
values for E(phi) or E(theta) are zero.
Which column should I use to draw the polar diagram for horizontal or
vertical pattern ?

Finally I don't completely understand the meaning for the XNDA (14) column.

- What is the major/minor axis?
- Whats the difference between horizontal and vertical gain when I ask for
a pattern for e.g. 60 PHI steps and 30 THETA steps.
- What happens when gain is normalized ?
- What the difference between power- and directive gain ?
- What happens when the 'avarage gain is computed' ?


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