[antennaware] Convergence problem with EZNEC

John Kaufmann kaufmann@ll.mit.edu
Tue, 18 Apr 2000 22:06:28 -0400

At 12:42 AM 4/19/00 +0000, Pete Smith wrote:
>I am working with models of the Force 12 C-3, trying to model stacks and
>their potential interaction with guy wires and wire low-band arrays.
>The models I'm using include a simplified monotaper model (7 wires) and one
>based on the physical antenna (57 wires).
>According to EZNEC, these can be "conservatively" run on 28 mhz with ~ 95
>and 130 segments.  However, I find that the gain figures, in particular,
>don't start to converge until quite close to EZNEC's 500-segment limit -
>the difference can be 1-1.5 dBi.  This gives me real pause for the accuracy
>of models using 2-3 of these antennas plus other conductors in the
>vicinity, yet staying under EZNEC's ceiling.
>Anyone got any advice on how I might deal with this?
>73, Pete Smith N4ZR

The "brute force" solution is to upgrade to EZNEC-PRO which allows
essentially unlimited numbers of wire segments.  I did the upgrade because
of the very same problem you are describing.

73, John W1FV

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