[antennaware] 23cm ATV long yagi problem!

YZ7REA Vladimir atomski@EUnet.yu
Fri, 18 Aug 2000 13:38:41 +0200

	Hello all,
		  my name is Vladimir-YZ7REA from Novi Sad, Yugoslavia.
I've made a 23cm long yagi (24 elements) but I had to make some
modifications to the original project by S53MV, because I couldn't  find
the right boom dimension. So instead of 18mm square boom I used a 16mm
round one. Now, I know that by doing this I have altered the effective
leinght of each element (now they're longer), thus my antenna's gain
will decrease, 'couse the driven element is designed for 1260 MHz, but
the elements resonate much lover since they are longer now. Here I come
to my question. Since I do not have the appropriate measuring equipment
to "fine-tune" the antenna, I was wondering if there's anyone willing to
insert my antenna dimensions into an antenna simulation program and tune
it for me that way so the I can shorten the elements to resonate at 1260
MHz. I'd supply the exact antenna dimensions to anyone willing to help
me. And please send replies both to mailing list and to my personal
e-mail since I don't receive all the lists that I'm posting to. Thank
you in advance.

						YZ7REA Vladimir

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