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>>> Howdy....  years ago I had a set of the 6 el Monarch Yagis for 20, 15 & 
>>> 10 and also had the full size 3 element 40 meter array.  In one of my 
>>> more stupendous weak moments, I sold the whole system to  a friend of 
>>> mine.  Does anyone have a manual of this antenna of which I could get a 
>>> copy.  I would like to build another one.  Any info or help would be 
>>> greatly appreciated!
>>> 73's   Cal  WA2IZL   wa2izl@linkny.com    
>> That would be a very big job even with a mill and lathe.  The cost of 
>> small quantities of aluminum would be very high.  You have to duplicate 
>> everything or it will be detuned.  I've built beams but the cost was 10 
>> times higher + all the time.  Get M2 beams at far less cost and they are 
>> well engineered.  No time delay either.  k7gco

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