[Antennaware] russian vertical

Jonathan Williams jonvwill@iastate.edu
Wed, 28 Aug 2002 11:58:01 -0500

For feeding such an antenna, you might try open wire ladder line or 450 Ohm 
"window wire".  You'll need a balanced-line tuner to make it work, but the 
losses will be manageable for reasonably short feed line runs.

We've had good luck using almost this exact same antenna at portable Field 
Day sites.

While I can't comment on the number of radials for the "Russian Vertical", 
ours uses twenty 12-foot radials (with good mid-Iowa soil for the ground 
plane).  Obviously, for a more permanent installation, one could use 40 or 
more radials 20 feet long each (.4 lambda at the lowest frequency) or longer.


At 05:33 PM Sunday 8/25/2002, you wrote:
>Listening on Hf, most of russian om use a vertical antenna.
>The vertical, should be 11Mt tall, and works from 10 to 40mt.
>What i want know is the way of fedding and how many radials they use.
>73 de ik7ytt Andy