[Antennaware] coax monopoles and more

Wolfgang K. Meister Wolfgang K. Meister" <meister@via.at
Mon, 22 Jul 2002 21:40:26 +0200

Hi all,

1.) I did some test with coax monopole antennas (half bazooka) and they
did quite well. See more at www.qs.net/oe1mww/ and go to 'station'. At
the bottom of the page you will find more.

2.) did some tests with NVIS antennas.

- used only 5 Watts and did have the impression - I hear many, but
could not be heard by many. I do my comparison with above coax
monopoles. I did have quite good result with those verticals.

- so my question: do i loose power (energy) because most of the
radiotion is gooing steep up and not flat, as with verticals ?

Wolfgang  OE1MWW
please reply direct only to oe1mww@qsl.net