[Antennaware] coax monopoles and more

Pete Smith n4zr@contesting.com
Tue, 23 Jul 2002 07:00:38 -0400

At 12:43 PM 7/23/02 +0200, Maurizio Panicara wrote:
>Independently by its peculiar high angle radiation, not every contact needs
>low angle radiation, an orizontal antenna close to a real ground has large
>losses that seriosly affect the overall efficiency.
>Any modeling software I tried seems to under estimate those real losses.

Which raises again the question of using stacked dipoles for an NVIS 
antenna, with the upper one fed and the lower one used as a 
reflector.  Hypothetically, wouldn't that improve the loss situation, if 
the reflector was some distance above the ground surface?

73, Pete N4ZR

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