[Antennaware] When is a stub not just a stub

Wolfgang K. Meister meister at via.at
Tue Jun 3 14:28:40 EDT 2003

Hello Guy Olinger, K2AV and all the other Hams on -antennaware-

I   did  some  experiments  with  different  antennas  and  had  some
interresting discussions with ham friends about 'must an antenna be in
*resonance* or not'.  I  am  using  4NEC2 and MMANA to check the theory
of my antennas to be built. See also my footnote for the results ;-)

Your  last  message did bring up some new aspects for me. In MMANA, in
'Options'  'Options  and  Setup'  and tab 'Line Match2' you can find a
calculator for an coax stub match (T-arranged coax stubs).

So  my  question:  designing a given dipole for a given frequency, the
dipole  legs  are  not  in  resonance  or quarter wave length - can be
matched  with  above mentioned coax stubs to 50 Ohms. Is this a practical
solution, or just theoretical approach?

Wolfgang   OE1MWW
reply to: meister at via.at

"The difference between theory and practice in theory
is less than the difference between theory and practice 
in practice".

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