[Antennaware] 205 BA -> 205 CA

Mel Martin ve2dc at rac.ca
Wed May 14 16:36:07 EDT 2003

I've done this and the differences are...

1... new dimensions... you have the instructions so you are OK

2.... new beta match... will will have to order these parts from Hy-gain...
new longer rods with an wider separation, and new "shorting" clamps...

They used to have a "kit" that consisted of 1 & 2

3... they also made some changes to some of some of the 5/8 tubing in the
CA... this was told to me by a Hy-gain person before the "change-over"...
(increased wall thickness?) They did something similar with the 10M
antenna... I ordered the replacement parts... it seems to me that I received
10 pieces of tubing for the 10M antenna (all elements affected) and 2 pieces
for the 20M antenna... I'll have to check... I still have the "old" tubing
somewhere... the old 205BA to CA conversion kit did not include these
lengths of tubing, so I guess it's not really necessary.

4... they use SS hose-clamps in the CA... they can be obtained locally... I
just used the "old-style" clamps that dimple the tubing...

5... I expect to see you on 20 with a great signal!

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