[Antennaware] Info abt. KT34XA plus 2el 40m on same boom?

DL2OBO Carsten Thomas Dauer dl2obo at parkhotelinteropa.de
Sun Aug 15 02:49:37 EDT 2004


Thank you for reading

I have a KLM KT34XA on a 24m high crank up tower.

Is there anyone who tried to interlace a 2 element 40m Yagi on the same boom with the KLM ? (seperate coax for the 40m section)

I can't install a seperate Yagi above the KLM because of the windload.

A Yagi below with a ringrotor is also not possible because of an 80m 4-Square which is around the tower.

I know how to calculate and build the 2 element, but I don't know how this will influence the tribander. Has anyone ever  done this with NEC ?

Any info about this is very welcome.


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