[Antennaware] Broadcast verticals

Terry Conboy n6ry at arrl.net
Wed Dec 22 18:23:26 EST 2004

At 11:33 AM 2004-12-22, you wrote:
>A few months ago someone referenced an article in the June, 2004 IEEE 
>transactions on Broadcast  (?) with info on a new shortened type of 
>vertical antenna (I believe 1/8 WL high). Somehow I misplaced the 
>reference. Does anyone on this reflector have such access or knowledge of 
>this article and how I can obtain a copy?


I have the June 2004 issue of IEEE Trans on BC.  On page 142, there is a 
paper "Compact Medium Wave Transmitting Antennas" by Clarence M. Beverage 
of Communications Technologies, Inc.  The paper compares the GAP "Minimum 
Reactance Antenna" (formerly Super-C) with the Parasol (aka Umbrella) 
Antenna designed by Al Christman (K3LC) and C. M. Beverage using test 
antennas on 14.05 MHz.  Is that the one you were looking for?

K3LC wrote about his antenna in the Oct 2000 issue of QST, p43.  There are 
also three .pdf's relating to the Parasol at 
http://www.commtechrf.com/amantenna.asp.  If you would like, I can 
photocopy the 6 page paper for you.

73 Terry N6RY
Carlsbad, CA

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