[Antennaware] Radial mats under dipole

David Gould david.gould at btinternet.com
Sun Jun 13 06:36:13 EDT 2004

I have a 108ft (33m)  vertical, with 40  150ft(46m) buried radials, which I 
use for 160/80m.

For an upcoming 160m contest we plan to remove the top 33ft(10m) and put an 
inverted V dipole fed direct with coax at 75ft (23m).  The question is what 
to do with the buried radials - should the buried radials be attached 
anywhere or left independent?

Second I want to cut some coax to AN EXACT half-wavelength.  I have an MFJ 
analyser but after a quick bit of research I cannot find a method of doing 
this,  can anyone advise?

Dave G3UEG

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