[Antennaware] 4-element Yagi design

Paul Playford w8aef at worldnet.att.net
Thu Nov 4 17:06:26 EST 2004

I modified my Hygain yagi's to a W2PV 4 element design and they work very,
very well.  They are very narrow in frequency for SWR bandwidth, forward
gain and front to back so you have to choose between cw and ssb.  If you are
interested I can send you the dimensions of my 15m yagi.

de Paul, W8AEF

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I am planning to make light antenna for 15m band. I think it could be
4-element Yagi. Can someone recommend me some modern and proof design?
I prefere OWA with 50 ohms of input impedance...
I plan to use thin pipes from aluminium alloy - tapering from 16 to 8 mm
(about from 0.6 to 0.3 inches).

Thanks in advance!


Martin Huml
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