[Antennaware] TET ANTENNA TE-44

Paul Playford w8aef at worldnet.att.net
Thu Oct 14 14:07:12 EDT 2004

I had a TET triband yagi once.  Negative gain on all bands as compared to a
dipole.  I sold it to a Cber.  Hee, hee.

de Paul, W8AEF

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I'm interesting in this antenna, TET ANTENNA TE-44, 3-band (14-21-28)
antenna plus 7mhz.

Has someone any information about this antenna?
Maybe a PDF file or...

I need these information:
Gain dBi/ dBd per band?
F/B per band?
Boom length?
Element lenght?
Shipping box long?
Shipping box weight?

How it compare to others tribanders,
TH7DX, C31XR, KT34XA, X7...

Antenna will be use in field day
environment so easy way to assemble and
low weight is appreciable.

Thank You

Have nice day
Samir, 7S7V (SM7VZX)

Samir Popaja
Lettlandsgatan 2B
SE-214 31 Malmö

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