John and Mary Powell zl1bhq at paradise.net.nz
Fri Jul 29 03:37:56 EDT 2005

I am making this enquiry on behalf of a fellow Ham who is contemplating the purchase of the latest Butternut 9 Band Vertical - Top Loaded model. He lives in a recently developed residential housing area and has some neighbourhood concerns about any antenna he is intending to erect. He wants to compile a "mosaic" model of the area where he would like to erect his Butternut (if he proceeds with the purchase) in an elevated form and consequently would like to obtain key measurements of the antenna profile, these being :-

(i)  the length of the top loading horizontal elements - the number of such elements also

(ii) the overall vertical dimension of the antenna

He is working from the photographic promotional material in the Aug. 2005 QST which presents a nice clean cut profile, thus if he can translate the requested information into a suitable neighboru presentation sure would enhance is chances of getting an antenna erected. I have endeavoured to download information from the Butternut website, but that information is presently not available from that source. Perhaps a scanned copy of the final construction data from the antenna construction notes would ideally fit this purpose.
Thanks in advance.

John Powell. ZL1BHQ

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