[Antennaware] BA Series Antennas

Tue May 31 23:44:00 EDT 2005


I have the 205BA, 155BA, and the 105BA Hy-Gain Long John Antennas which I bought years ago and used them for over 20 years down in AZ and was pleased with their performance.

I have since retired and moved to WA and in the process of refurbishing all 3 antennas to put back up.  My question to the group is apparently the BC dimenisions were made after antenna modeling came into being.

Is the conversion from BA to BC worth it ? or should I just stick with the old BA dimensions.  Since all my manuals are for BA antennas is there somewhere I can go to download the newer manuals ?   I was told that the beta match rods for the 205BC are different then the 205BA is this true of the 10 and 15 meter beams also ?  Appreciate any comments/suggestions if the change is worth it.

Does MFJ sell the new beta matches or will I have to make them myself ?


73 Gary

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