[Antennaware] W3CQH's question about operating his loop on 160M

F3WT ars.f3wt at wanadoo.fr
Sun Dec 3 11:40:14 EST 2006


I operate horizontal loops of quite a few different types ( plain,  
crossed, tilted,...) , although not as large as yours.
They are great! Called See L.B.Cebik (W4NRL)  if you haven't already  
at :
http://www.cebik.com/fdim/atl1.html  One has it for all bands.
They radiate at low angle the higher the frequency and  are  cloud  
burner if not large enough ( if perimeter below abt 2 lambda).
Nevertheless they are also surprising. At dawns or darkening in  
evenings ...

Now to your question and my recommendation: take a tuner running 160M  
as well and really do not open the loop but keep it closed !

  I do so  and my loop ( 100M only of wire loop but crossed with some  
vertical delta portion in it I know a bit too short-  but  
whatever!  ) is tuned with a MN7 on 160M and runs fine , although not  
dxing strongly because of sky beaming. .. except  those surprises  
during  evening or morning windows well described in John's book  
( ON4UN) on " Low band DXING".

Hope I helped.
Good luck and 73's.


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