[Antennaware] Why YO7 has become rare.

Guy Olinger, K2AV olinger at bellsouth.net
Sun Mar 12 18:02:05 EST 2006

Brian quit selling his software because of software piracy. This 
included hams posting his software on web pages for download. There 
are other things that happened to him that I won't dignify by 
repeating them.

Although it is a real loss to the community, one can hardly blame him.

As long as hams think that it is "OK" or permissible to copy licensed 
software for someone else's use, some who DO program for the tiny 
niche of ham radio will get discouraged and quit, or some never try it 
at all, figuring they could never be remunerated for serious time on a 

Those who might have a back-channel to Brian are unlikely to spread it 
around, because to do so would violate Brian's trust.

> hi .
> has anyone got a zipped copy of YO7 they might let me have or buy 
> please .

My problem is that I can't give or sell YO7 without deleting all my 
own copies. I would be giving or selling my LICENSE. If the license is 
gone, I must delete all my copies on my computer, including any 
backups. That was what I agreed to when I bought the license.

When I am sure I will never use YO7 again, or want to view .YAG files, 
I think I could probably sell it for a premium. Unless, of course, 
Brian has a change of heart. But it's his stuff, his call, not ours.

I also have AO pro and some other goodies from Brian. I thank my lucky 
stars that I got my stuff early on, before the bad boys ruined 

Please understand that solicitations to piracy will result in banning 
the poster. I have given the prior poster the benefit of the doubt. 
The use of the word "license" in such queries would be useful in 
clarifying intentions.

73, Guy

Guy K2AV

Administrator for Antennaware

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