[Antennaware] Electrostatic Shielded Loop Antenna

Fred Mott fredmottcpa at earthlink.net
Mon Apr 23 21:11:39 EDT 2007

I am planning to install a large loop antenna for 160/80/40 meters on my
155’ Rohn 45G tower.  I have been reading all the articles and information
that I have seen.  I plan on using ½ inch vinyl coated hardline rather than
wire.  I have read all I could find on electrostatically shielded loops.   I
seem to think that the hardline would work with its outer aluminum conductor
being the shield and the inter-conductor copper wire as the loop.  The
shield would be open at the top of the tower.  The loop would be close to a
diamond shape in a vertical plane perpendicular to the earth.  I would
assume that the velocity factor of the hardline .81 would change the formula
from 1005/f to 814/f.  The hardline from the loop will intersect the tower
at approximately 10 to 15 feet and would go straight down through a PVC tube
into the basement of my Orchard Storage Building.  At that point the coax
shields would be bonded together to a bus bar that connects to the tower’s
grounding system and the inter conductors would connect to a Ten Tec 253
antenna tuner.


I would like to hear from anyone that has had any experience with the
Electrostatically Shielded Loop Antenna.  What do you think?   Fred Mott,


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