[Antennaware] Modelling help needed for160 m L-antenna on 20m

Kari kari.gustafsson at swipnet.se
Mon Jan 29 05:26:42 EST 2007


I have a 135 feet L-antenna (70 feet vertical, 65 feet horizontal) for 160
meters with about 20 ¼ wave radials to it. It works well on 160 m and is
also resonant with low SWR on 24 Mhz and 28 Mhz. I now wonder how does the
elevation and azimutal pattern look like on the latter two bands? Is there
any low angle take offs or is it a “cloud warmer” on the 24, 28 Mhz band?
Can anyone help me with the modelling since I am not an expert on this and
do not have EZNEC 3 or 4.  I do happen to have the EZNEC wire model file for
the L-antenna from ARRL Compendium if that helps.

Thanking in advance!

73s de Kari, SM0HRP

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