[Antennaware] Gem Quad - bandwidth

Dale Jackaman dalej at reboot.bc.ca
Tue May 29 15:18:52 EDT 2007

Gem Quad is back again, but who knows for how long.   I have a 2el version 
of their product and a 4el Lightning Bolt, the company of which is now 
unfortunately defunct.  I use them for multi-transmitter operation and put 
a station on each of  the driven elements, with suitable bandpass and low 
pass filtering of course.  Baluns and RF chokes reduce feedline radiation 
into the shack for simultaneous multi-band operation. They compliment some 
stacked yagis I have and allow us to spray signals in more than one 
direction at a time. 

The secret to swr, bandwidth, and performance, on both antennas is to 
remove any WARC bands and feed the driven elements separately.  The 4el is 
way too close spaced for any kind of decent bandwidth on 20M so adding 
another 10' to the boom makes the biggest difference. 

Dale Ve7gl

> What changes do you have to make on the gem Quad to make the swr flat ?
> I have a two element five band lighting Bolt Quad witch is just like
> the Gem Quad.
> tnx for the help 
> Well, hope someone buys them.  Have been using their quad for over 40 
> nows!  Have a three element up now and also a four element in the 
> Won lots of certificates with them over the years.  And with a couple of
> simple changes the SWR is almost flat on the bands
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