[Antennaware] dBi conversion to Antenna Factor

Guy Olinger, K2AV olinger at bellsouth.net
Wed Nov 21 09:29:35 EST 2007

Andy, Terry...

"Check out this web page
which has a detailed discussion of antenna factor.  Note that their
definition of antenna factor (AF) is the reciprocal of yours (which
they define as the "effective length", h-sub-e)."

If that doesn't give one a sense of clarity drowned in unmanageable 

Without excruciating attention to detail in the close environment, and out in 
an uncluttered antenna range, it is nearly impossible to get these formulas to 
show up in actual measurements beyond "rough correspondence" in orders of 

Beyond that, for mere mortals, in terms of actual usefulness hearing stuff at 
the home station with all the miscellaneous conductors and noise around, all 
that one can sometimes say is that "I could hear him on one antenna and not as 
well on the other."

73, Guy.

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