[Antennaware] Butternut radials

Gary Smith Gary at doctorgary.net
Thu Oct 11 21:39:43 EDT 2007


I've got the butternut 9 band vertical & need to put it in a new QTH. 
At the old QTH I had around 90 burried radials 60' each and it was 
ground mounted. Now I'm in a location that ground mounting won't be 
so easy to do as there's a lot of briars & scrub where the radials 
would have to go. I'm 100 feet from salt water so I'll have that to 
my advantage.

I have two realistic choices, one is to mount it on the existing roof 
mounted tripod & the other is to mount it on a pole 8' above ground 
and run radials from there. Seems like the roof mount would surely be 
the best way to go.

So now comes the question of radials. I sure can't have as many as at 
the last QTH. Any experience out there regarding the number of 
radials I'll need & the best length to use to reach diminishing 
returns? Low angle is what I'm going for as I enjoy DX on CW.



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