[Antennaware] Butternut radials

Gary Smith Gary at doctorgary.net
Mon Oct 15 05:34:08 EDT 2007


An update on the Butternut. I wasn't able to get it up on the roof. 
The legs of the tripod are rusted and it's unsafe and I'm going to 
have to remove it. 

To experiment with the HF9V I mounted it on top of a pole in the back 
yard where the base is 8´ off the ground. I do want to get it up 
higher in the air so I will use interlocking aluminum poles to do so 
(one end slides into the next tube & so on). 

The pole it´s on now is in cement and was a pole for a bird house. 
I´ve figured a reliable way to use the existing pole as a base and by 
loosely tying a rope around the aluminum pole and the cemented one, I 
can lift it enough to keep inserting pole after pole and it won´t 
fall over. 

I have some Dacron rope & will use that to guy it and will make the 
80 meter radials extra strong and use them for guying as well. 
Seems like the bands have been very quiet the last few days so I´m 
not sure how well the antenna going to do for me but it should be 
fine. I made six of the multi band radials from 300 ohm ribbon line 
seen here http://www.bencher.com/pdfs/00408IZV.pdf I will make four 
80 meter radials as well. I forgot there is a required 75 ohm 
matching stub and I have to order the RG-11 today. Once I get that in 
I will raise the antenna. I´ll let you know how it´s doing. 

Thanks for the on & off list replies, I appreciate it. 

> I've got the butternut 9 band vertical & need to put it in a new QTH. 
> At the old QTH I had around 90 burried radials 60' each and it was 
> ground mounted. Now I'm in a location that ground mounting won't be so 
> easy to do as there's a lot of briars & scrub where the radials would 
> have to go. I'm 100 feet from salt water so I'll have that to my 
> advantage. 
> I have two realistic choices, one is to mount it on the existing roof 
> mounted tripod & the other is to mount it on a pole 8' above ground 
> and run radials from there. Seems like the roof mount would surely be 
> the best way to go. 
> So now comes the question of radials. I sure can't have as many as at 
> the last QTH. Any experience out there regarding the number of radials 
> I'll need & the best length to use to reach diminishing returns? Low 
> angle is what I'm going for as I enjoy DX on CW. 
> Thanks! 
> Gary 
> ka1j 
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