[Antennaware] New K9AY Observations

K9AY k9ay at k9ay.com
Tue Oct 14 09:58:24 EDT 2008

Comments interspersed...

> I notice that directivity of the loops on the BC band from below
> 1600khz is dramatic to say the least.

That's a good start. Things are not a total mess!

> On 160M however directivity of the loops is not dramatic at all.
> Many signals are the same strength on all loops.....
> So I am concluding that the tower and the Inv L are screwing up the
> loops on 160M.? ...
> Also I am not yet using a common mode choke on the RG6 feedline of
> the loops.

> 73 Frank VO1HP

Coupling to "something" is the strongest possibility. It can be the radials 
as well as the radiator of the Inv-L. I would recommend a choke at the loop 
connection. Be sure the control wires are choked, too. These wires may be 
the culprit, or perhaps an accomplice that aids coupling to the radials. The 
Array Solutions loop box has instructions for separating the antenna and 
feedline grounds -- this may help as well.

73, Gary

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