[Antennaware] 4 Sq. Verses 3 El endfire

Andrew Ikin andrew.ikin at btopenworld.com
Tue Sep 9 15:34:25 EDT 2008

Hello Guys

Having struggled to model an 3 element endfire Active Vertical array using the same Phasing lines from 0.53MHz to 2.12MHz. I find that I can achieve a very good elevation plot with very low rear lobes (-30dB). Even the plot at 2.65MHz only shows 2 small (-22dB) rear lobes!!!  Also this model is very tolerant of several dB amplitude difference on the outer elements providing that the centre element is the sum of the 2 outer ones.

I have tried to do the same with the 4 Square, but there is always a large rear lobe on the elevation plot 10-15dB higher than the 3 element endfire, no matter how I adjust the phase. Am I doing something wrong or is there a fundamental problem with the 4 Square?!

Both arrays have 40m Element spacing. 


Andrew G8LUG (not active)

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