[Antennaware] 160 meter 3/8 wire, steel or copper

Terry Conboy n6ry at arrl.net
Wed Sep 24 17:24:11 EDT 2008

At 01:42 PM 2008-09-24, Joe, aa4nn wrote:
>Your 3/8 wave 160 Inv L should be more like 58m in length.  Then your
>series feeding capacitor would be more like 225mmf.  Try to find a
>variable capacitor to adjust the Inv L to freq of choice.
>de Joe, aa4nn

Yes, Flam's 46.5m wire is only about 0.29 wl.  However, making it 
longer would raise the feedpoint Z even higher.  There might be a 
slight improvement in efficiency, but usually most of the extra 
signal goes into higher angles (assuming the horizontal wire remains 
at the same height, but is lengthened).

73, Terry N6RY

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