[Antennaware] Melted wire

Guy Olinger, K2AV olinger at bellsouth.net
Tue Apr 21 18:16:37 PDT 2009

Speaking to a practical detail, arcing to what?  25' from the insulated end 
is a relatively low current/high voltage spot on a 160m L in the clear.  If 
it is touching a tree, metal, etc, the apparent electrical "far end" moves, 
and depending on serendipity, can turn into a high current point. This in 
turn can migrate the copper into whatever it is touching.  The problem with 
modeling will be to model what is being touched.

Would have to be a lot of arcing to melt #12 solid copper through, unless it 
was also a stress point as in pulled across a branch, etc.  What wire?

73, Guy.

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> Thanks Stephen, I will give it a go.
> Much appreciated.
> Gary
> KA1J
>> Free: MMANA-GAL modeling http://mmhamsoft.amateur-radio.ca/mmana/
>> It's somewhat limited in what all it can do, but should be more than
>> sufficient for what you are looking for...plus it has one of the easiest
>> must usable GUIs around thus relativley quick learn.
>> Stephen W9SK
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>> Hi,
>> My last few posts to the Topband reflector appear to run into a 'filter' 
>> so
>> I no longer post there.
>> I'm having an issue with my inverted-L on 160, arcing and melting.
>> The location appears to be fairly consistent at around 137' The total
>> antenna length is 161'8" with series capacitence at the feedpoint. Is 
>> there
>> any freely available or inexpensive modeling software that someone might
>> direct me to, help me figure out what's going on?
>> Thanks,
>> Gary
>> KA1J
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