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I meant to add that I experimented with 4 sloping dipoles off an 89 foot 
tower and never could make the array work.  This was for 80m dipoles and I 
tried many variations, including using the shortened dipoles with loading 
coils.  Just could not get the proper separation.
de Joe, aa4nn

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>I thought there might be some words of wisdom for me on this list....
> I am looking to build a 40m 4-square but currently I am looking at
> mortgaging the house to pay for aluminum - cant seem to find a scrap
> yard anywhere that has any - they are recycling as fast as they can get
> the money for it....
> So, I have a 68ft vertical built from 3inch irrigation tubing.  Could I
> use this to suspend a K8UR type dipole array?  I understand that to get
> the best operation of this array, the coax feeding the dipoles should
> come away parallel to the ground.  This means they would connect to the
> vertical at about 25 feet or so off the ground.  I would then bring the
> coax down the vertical to the matching box at the base of the vertical
> (of course adjusting the coax lengths to provide correct current forcing
> to each dipole).
> My question is - when using the vertical on 80m and 160m (it will have a
> trap at the top of the vertical with top-loading wires for 160m) with
> approx 1KW, will there be any adverse effect on the dipole array or the
> matching network - similarly would these have any effect on the vertical
> for 80/160 operation?
> Thanks in advance for any information.
> Tony
> Ve3rz
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