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With respect to your last Paragraph-- your opinion counts a LOT to any 
serious antenna fan.

I think that a lot of the modeling posts on TowerTalk should, perhaps, start 
there but them move here. This would make the choice to follow or skip a 
given thread easier.


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> There is far too little traffic on this reflector. What some members see 
> as
> an expansion of its scope may be a good thing. When someone like Tony asks
> for advice, the appropriate response is to discuss modeling as a route to
> the answer, not complain about the propriety of the question. (Glad to see
> some of that happen...)
> I find it completely consistent for this reflector to include the use of
> modeling programs in the process of actually building, testing and 
> operating
> real antennas -- to compare them with their virtual counterparts and help
> understand how they work.
> Does my opinion count for anything? That's up to each of you ... I have 
> been
> an Antennaware subscriber since its inception, a beta tester of EZNEC and 
> an
> alpha tester of EZW. And I've designed a few antennas.
> 73, Gary
> K9AY
>>> The name of this reflector is misleading.  Tony's posting is
>>> a good example of what results, and I'll bet there are dozens
>>> of others out there who are similarly misled in their
>>> understanding that this reflector is NOT about antennas in
>>> general,
>> There is nothing misleading about the name of the reflector.
>> Antennaware is a contraction of "Antenna Software" which very
>> clearly describes modeling software.
>> Further, if you go to the list page on the web (the link is
>> at the bottom of EVERY message), your will find the title:
>> "Antenna ware -- Antenna Modeling, Programs, and Theory"
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