[Antennaware] 4 sq. AZ and EL gain

Andy Ikin andrew.ikin at btopenworld.com
Wed Jul 8 15:35:03 PDT 2009

Hello Folks,

I am trying to make some meaningful RDF comparisons with Vertical arrays, K9AY arrays and 4 sq. Vertical arrays.

I appear to have an anomaly with the 4 sq. i.e. If I look at the max. EL gain  (TOA ) at say 20 degrees. I have say 4.0dBi. I then look at the AZ gain at 20 degrees the gain is approx. twice the EL gain. 

Looking at examples of Vertical and K9AY arrays the max. EL gain  (TOA ) is equal to the AZ gain at the same TOA; This would appear to be correct.

So what am I doing wrong with the 4 Sq.??



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