[Antennaware] Voltages along an antenna

David Gould dave at g3ueg.co.uk
Wed Mar 4 09:36:29 PST 2009

First thanks to those who helped a few weeks ago with my question 
about the significant differences between my model and reality for my 
62ft vertical on 80m.  The concensus was, go with what it is 
measuring at, and ignore the difference in the model.

Last weekend I top loaded the vertical to bring it resonant on 
160m,  fed it through an UNUN and had a ball in the CQWW 160m SSB 
contest, making around 40 NA QSOs across 14 states, which surprised 
me, considering that conditions were not that good.   I did not seem 
to be loosing very much compared top my previous 108ft vertical over 
better radials.  (I must have magic soil!!!)

EZNEC gives a table of currents along the antenna elements, is there 
a way to find the voltages?  I would like to know the voltage at the 
top of the 62ft vertical for both 160m and 80m?  I am considering 
putting either a trap or a relay to give me dual band, so I would 
like to know what ratings any components would need to have.   (I 
have an aversion to traps and reactance in general because of the 
losses and the significant reduction in bandwidth as a 
result.)   can't see anything in the help, but feel it should not be 
impossible.  I may be missing something obvious...

Dave, G3UEG

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