[Antennaware] plot comparisons

David Gould dave at g3ueg.co.uk
Thu Nov 12 09:33:40 PST 2009

This question is a long shot, but knowing the resourcefulness of the 
group I thought I would ask anyway..

I am doing some comparisons of various receive antennas, some of 
which have very different gains.  I am overlaying different plot 
files to compare the patterns, especially the pattern off the back. 
This has been quite difficult on occasions because of the big gain differences.

I wondered if there was a way to "normalise"  the gain of two plots 
so as to be able to get an easier comparison?  Another way of saying 
it would be to able to make the gain of the outer rings of two plots identical?

Is it possible or are there any other techniques to simplify the comparisons?

Thanks for any ideas.

Dave, G3UEG

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