[Antennaware] feedline modeling

K9AY k9ay at k9ay.com
Thu Sep 24 09:34:04 PDT 2009


Best info is in W7EL's Notes for the two log periodic examples in EZNEC 
(LogPer and LogPerTL), one with interconnecting wires, the other with 
transmission lines.


> Hi Group,
> Using EZ-NEC, is it reasonable to model an open wire feed line, for 
> example a 600 ohm ladder line using two parallel wire segments shorted at 
> each end by two other wire segments, one end being the source, the other 
> being the load?
> I know I can add a transmission line and change the impedance, but what 
> about if I'm modeling the "special" transformation properties of specific 
> lengths of transmission lines?
> If not, how is this done?

> thanks,
> Paul (KG7HF)

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