[Antennaware] Modeling

K9AY k9ay at k9ay.com
Mon Mar 8 07:48:07 PST 2010

>> Modeling of antennas? Design, build, it works as modeled.
>> WX7G
> I have all the scars and memories of wasted time that would prove
> otherwise.
> K2AV

When the finished product works exactly as modeled, it is ALWAYS a 
combination of:

a) The model's ability to represent reality.
b) Consistent, predictable behavior of the construction medium.
c) The designer's ability to know when his/her design satisfies (a) and (b), 
so he/she can stop tweaking the model and get it built.

This applies to antennas, hypersonic aircraft, or the latest 
multi-band/multi-mode SDR transceiver chip for your smartphone. As Dave 
notes, many things are accurately built based on modeling. But as Guy says, 
there are also many cases where (a) or (b) is insufficient.

73, Gary

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