[Antennaware] Flag antenna noise

Christoph Rheker christor at microsoft.com
Mon May 14 02:10:39 PDT 2012

If you want to improve the flag, take a look here for the DOUBLE HALF DELTA LOOP Antenna. I have one in my garden and it's very quiet.


  Chris DL4YAO 

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my reply, after working for almost a year to get a pair of them playing, nearly 180 out in rotary configuration. a.k.a. "the waller flag" is...

'it depends...'   mostly, on how big it is...and if you intend to combine more than one... and ( very much ) how far apart they are...large ones, of course, being difficult to rotate

a single flag has impressive f/b, but mediocre RDF due to poor side rejection, IMHO my experience has been that a pre-amp at the feedpoint, if balanced input, and hi Z is well worth the trouble...as is a rotary configuration.

best of luck.....73, w5xz, dan

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Subject: [Antennaware] Flag antenna noise
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Hello Guys,

Would I be correct that a Flag antenna with a 1k Ohm termination resistor would have a approx. -126dBm noise in a 1kHz bandwidth, excluding other noise? This equating to an 18dB Noise Figure ? Hence, one wouldn't notice any difference in s/n when comparing Head Amplifiers of similar gain with a 1 or 4 dB noise figure? Or have I got something wrong!!!!!


Andrew Ikin  G8LUG

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