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Fri Sep 7 12:51:27 EDT 2012

I am very sorry that you have received spam.  You probably received it with
the sending address "spoofed".   Spam rarely uses a real sending address,
and unsubscribing from Antennaware will not keep it from coming, because
the mail has been coming to you directly and  has not been going through
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Google "spoof" for an explanation.

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73, Guy  K2AV
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2012/9/7 Badza - YU1FG <yu1fg at microsky.net>

>      Prilikom prijavljivanja na ovu listu,mislio sam da su tu pravi
> radio-amateri,medjutim pocele su da mi od nekog Breda Smitha dolaze vrlo
> nesuvisle,neinteligentne reklame.Zato vas na ovaj nacin molim da me
> skinete,brisete sa ove liste,jer sam se prevario prilikom prijavljivanja da
> su tu pravi radio amateri,a naisao sam na priglupem i neobrazovane reklamne
> agente,prevarante i kriminalce.
>                      73!
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