[Antennaware] EZNEC model for a J-Pole

Jim Miller JimMiller at STL-OnLine.Net
Sun Feb 2 14:29:41 EST 2014

I am in Kindergarten on modeling so please excuse me for asking for an
example of a J-Pole model.  I have EZNEC 5+.


Looking for an example of a J-Pole antenna.  The aluminum one with the 3/8
rod and 1.5 inch angle aluminum OR something close so I can see how it is


I have made several and they look good on the SWR meter and seem to work
very well.  I was asked if I could make one for 440 only so it would be
small and portable.  Thinking that I could simply cut the long element off
at the same length as the driven element (and then divide the cut off
section into 19 inch sections that screw together and also back onto the
antenna to make it back into a portable dual band that is only a bit over 19
inches long) and that would probably work OR just leave off the long element
entirely and that would likely work as well.  


Trying to figure out how to feed the base AT the end of a wire (required to
attach the vertical driven element).


What I did was to make a quite short wire as the bottom section of the
driven element and then specify to feed it as close to "end 1" as it would
accept.  I do not know how much this will distort the result but it sure
doesn't seem to work well at all.


Thanks, 73, de Jim KG0KP


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