[Antennaware] 60 meter inv. L with fcp center support pole issue.

Franco Rosso fraross599 at gmail.com
Fri May 3 07:05:59 EDT 2019

Hello to the list just joined.
I have 22,4 feet end to end fcp  divided into 4  equal squares ,3 wires on
the left 2 wires on the right, up 8 ft from ground, exactly cut as per Guy
Squares 4, 3 and 2 are exactly straight while last left square 1 is bent at
At the shack end after circa 109 feet of belden h155 coaxial run i have on
my mfj 259b 47 ohm impedance, x 6 ohm  and 1:1 swr with a vy narrow
bandwidth i.e. 1:1 from 5.352 to 5.362 mhz.
The fcp center support  is a metallic pole, which i cannot cut away.
The match box is fixed above the fcp at the end of the metallic pole.
This metal stake i'm using as fcp's center support pole isn.t exactly at
the center of the whole fcp and falls about 13 inches to the left into the
area of the square 2.
I doubt that this ...."semi central" fcp support doesn't interact with the
resonance of my whole fcp....but i cannot cut away it!!
what to do??
franco it9ahh.
ps: sry fer my vy bad english!!!

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