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>Note change in scoring for OH1EH/OH1NOA.  73,  Bill  W4ZV
>The ARRL Letter
>Vol. 19, No. 27
>July 14, 2000
>World-champion contesters Dan Street, K1TO, and Jeff Steinman, N5TJ
>(ex-KR0Y), retained their title at the World Radiosport Team Championship
>2000 competition in Bled, Slovenia. Street and Steinman topped the field of
>53 WRTC-2000 two-operator teams from around the world in off- and on-the-air
>operating events designed to test their contesting skills. Using the call
>sign S584M, the top-scoring K1TO-N5TJ WRTC-2000 team racked up 969 points of
>out a possible 1000.
>The competition included a 20-hour on-air event, concurrent with the IARU HF
>World Championship Contest held over the July 8-9 weekend as well as off-air
>pileup tapes competition held prior to the contest. The winning team also
>scooped the pileup tapes competition.
>During the 20-hour WRTC event, K1TO and N5TJ managed to put 2234 contacts
>into the log--1277 of them on CW--and collected 364 multipliers (under WTRC
>rules, multipliers were counted separately on phone and CW). Street and
>Steinman also topped the field of competitors at the last WRTC, held in 1996
>in the San Francisco Bay area. This time around, however, they did not enjoy
>the same home-court advantage. 
>Finishing in second place with 910 points was the Russian team of Igor
>Booklan, RA3AUU, and Andrei Karpov, RV1AW, operating as S587N. Coming in at
>number 3 with 870.34 points was the US wildcard team of Doug Grant, K1DG,
>and CQ magazine contest editor John Dorr, K1AR. Grant and Dorr operated as
>In the final results, only one other US team made the top 10. The S519I team
>of Bob Shohet, KQ2M, and Dan Handa, W7WA, finished at number 9. A scoring
>correction for the Finnish team of OH1EH and OH1NOA, operating as S537L,
>nudged the S531R combo of Jeff Briggs, K1ZM, and Andy Blank, N2NT, out of
>the top 10 to number 11.
>During this third WRTC, world-class contest operators competed using modest
>stations running 100 W on CW and SSB, plus equivalent
>antennas--three-element triband Yagis for 10, 15, and 20 meters, and Windoms
>for 80 and 40 meters, both mounted about 40 feet above ground. All stations
>were on hilltops or mountains. 
>Sponsoring WRTC-2000 was the Slovenia Contest Club. Serving as the chief
>referee at this year's event was the ARRL's Executive Vice President David
>Sumner, K1ZZ.
>A listing of the WRTC-2000 teams and scores is available at
>http://wrtc2000.bit.si/ and stories posted by several participants and
>observers are at http://www.ncjweb.com .
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