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No niin OH-ukot, autetaanpa kaveria, onhan OH-maassa mastotietamysta vaikka
kuinka....eli kommentteja suoraan hanelle tai tata kautta kiitos.

Esa w5/oh7wv

PS. Jos ei heti muistunut mieleen niin 1 pound = 0.45kg ja 1 ft = 30cm.

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Subject: Tower Information Help de VY1JA

Hi, folks...

I sent this posting to Tower Talk and it would not post for some reason.  I
then tried sending it as an attachment to the Tower Talk administration
e-mail link and had no response (perhaps it someone is on a well deserved

The bottom line is that I need sound advice from someone who knows this kind
of thing, BEFORE my short antenna work season ends

Please read the message below and pass it on to anyone with sound mechanical
knowledge regarding towers... someone, somewhere will know.

If you do not know and have no friends that know either,  Thanks anyway.


I was given 200 feet of approximately 10-1/2-inch triangular guyed tower for
cleaning up a commercial transmitter site.. The tower has no brand
name on or other identifying marks on it and has climbing rungs on one of
the three faces.  It is made of special angle iron (not formed sheet metal)
which suits the 60 degree corners, and has curved diagonal cross braces,
also of heavy metal like the
angle iron main supports.

It comes apart in lengths which are just short of 10 feet when joined, so
that 6 lengths would make a 58 foot tower.   It is heavy, weighing about 75
pounds per 10 foot length. The tower has 3/8 inch rods formed into long
loops for the attachment of guy lines every 20 feet and the tower must be

Does anyone with mechanical or commercial antenna experience have some
information about this type of tower?  The basic question is:  How high can
I go with this tower when it has a small A4 tribander on it AND How high can
I go with this tower standing alone as a vertical with nothing on it?

J. Allen, VY1JA
vy1ja@rac.ca Preferred.

J. Allen, CET
Electrical Maintenance Lead
Yukon Energy Corporation

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